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Virtual Meetings Animation

President George Bush and John Kerry talking about virtual meetings

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           Virtual meetings can be defined in different ways.  My own definition is utilizing the internet to connect to multiple users on screens through a communication program.  There are many different programs depending on what fits each company’s budget and features that are offered. Virtual meetings are becoming very popular in many different industries. Virtual meetings have many positives which include: globally accessible, saving money on traveling, meeting with multiple clients in one day, and emergency meetings. Some negatives of virtual meetings would be: software costs, bad internet connection, paperwork being shared at meeting, time zones, sound quality, understanding non verbal gestures, and who is in control of the meeting. These are the kinds of barriers that worry companies that want to make virtual meetings a reality in their company.

                One of the most important parts of having a successful virtual meeting is the preparedness of the all the parties involved. The communication between the executive and his or her employees prior to the virtual meeting is a key factor. The paperwork should be e-mailed to all parties the day before the meeting so the employees are prepared. The heart of a virtual meeting comes from the technology being used to make it a high quality live video. The servers must be able to handle the load of traffic from streaming video. Virtual meetings use a lot of internet capacity, and without it, the virtual meeting will become a headache.

                If a company cannot afford to install virtual meeting software, or their server is just too slow to handle this type of technology, there are other options. Conference calls are still widely used, and are much cheaper and easier to prepare for. Another great option is the use of instant messaging chat rooms. Many sites are free and easy to use. The meetings might not have visuals, but it still is useful. Usually big companies have great IT departments and virtual meetings can be tested. This can help figure out which software fits the goals of the business meetings. The way companies do business is changing every day, and becoming global. I believe virtual meetings will become a huge part of the business world and the technology is advancing very quickly. 

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English Journal 8!   1 comment

When Polo describes the city of Moriana to Khan he pitches it like a sale. Polo describes how amazing it was at first with a beauty from afar, but when you actually reached the city it was absolutely the opposite. The only way someone could realize this before seeing it is from traveling to other cities that look beautiful when looking down at the city. One with experience and knowledge could actually see the truth of a city. When actually inside of Moriana there are things lying around such as Planks with spikes, and ropes that could only be for hanging oneself. This list goes on and sounds just as distasteful as I read on. This reminds me of when I started looking at colleges.

In the middle of my senior year, I really started to look for where I wanted to go to college. I kept getting random things in the mail from colleges small and big. I looked through all of them and I really liked the opportunity that was offered at Walsh to visit for a day. I was going to follow another freshman around so I would see what classes and the campus was like.  This was my first college visit ever. I really enjoyed it and the teachers in classes were exciting to listen to. When I went into the cafeteria I was in shock at how good the food looked. There were so many options, and I loved it. The food really caught my eye and coming from family that owned restaurants it was important to me. I visited other colleges but I fell in love with Walsh. I was accepted and was very happy with everything, but came to realize I was fooled about the food. I realized that the food was only extra special that day because of the tours and visits from high school kids like me at the time.  The normal amount of food offered was much less then I thought, and all the food was frozen and precooked before it entered that Walsh kitchen.  Polo says “You will come into view of Moriana’s hidden face,” (pg105). When I came to Walsh that first day to visit I came into view with the hidden face of their food they offered to the students. I never second guess my decision to come to Walsh, but I would rather see the average meal on a normal day.

Marketing is a big part of any business especially a private college. “It’s nothing personal, It’s just business” –Donald Trump, The Apprentice.  I take this quote and think let’s fix that false marketing by Walsh, or change the food vendor of Walsh. We see the outside beauty advertised but inside will always get you in the end.

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English 315 Journal 7   4 comments

Everyone has mountains to climb. Some can climb it easier than others. These mountains can be anything in life. From a big test to a death in the family.  We all might slip but we hold on. A border in life can be considered a mountain. The hardest borders I have crossed is learning to be independent and fighting with myself not to be homesick.

When I was heading to Walsh to leave for Italy I was so excited, but at the same time I was going to miss my family and the love of my life.  I have gone on two week camping trips in the boy scouts but not 8 weeks going to another county and leaving everything behind. I was extra worried because I was about to take on my first long distance relationship also. I fought myself from being sad. Those first couple weeks were rough being home sick, but being in Italy kept my mind in a great mood. I prayed and stayed busy which helped. I kept a happy attitude because I knew everything would be okay and I needed to enjoy Rome to the fullest. I made sure I didn’t stick around the computer too much and stayed outside as much as possible.


This border of mine can me compared to Polo and Khan having a communication barrier with their language differences.  I didn’t have internet everywhere I went and I couldn’t afford to text or call my loved ones. It was tough but it helped me become more independent and realize being in touch with everyone all the time isn’t necessary. It helps grow relationships and learn more about myself. Khan and Polo had to break that border of communication to help each other and that’s what they did just like I had to do. I learned to be independent because I had to change my responsibilities and way of life here. I went from cutting grass, hanging jock straps up, and making pizza to making sure I was on time for the trains and managing my money correctly. These changes pushed me out of my comfort zone and I learned to be positive. Being independent helped me grow as a person and try new things.

Borders don’t just disappear, just like mountains. I had to climb them and conquer them.  I know I have almost reached  the top of my border. I know I will on December 10th. It wasn’t easy, but I know I did my best and showed myself that I could not be homesick and learn to be more independent. Most of all I had the time of my life, and these memories will be with me for the rest of my life.

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English 315 Journal 6   6 comments

When reading “invisible Cities,” by Ital Calvino, there were three invisible cities that really caught my interest. The invisible cities were Zenobia, Esmeralda, and Laudomia. These imaginary cities might be outrageous and different, but Calvino is very descriptive. As a reader I could picture these cities more than the others and enjoyed reading about them.

The first city I loved reading about was Zenobia. I thought it was really interesting because Polo described the houses being made out of bamboo and zinc. I thought of a beach-like atmosphere at first, but as I kept reading he described the city to be up very high by being supported by many various things, such as ladders and barrels of water. This city was connected by sidewalks and was suppose to have a happy outlook to the people that would live there. A confusing part of the city is that it should not be divided by species but by change of desires. I liked this city because of the structure of being up in the air and the ladders that have to be used to get anywhere in the city. I never could imagine something like this until reading about this city. It would be pretty cool to live in this city with this lifestyle. I hope it would be a happy city if I had to live there

The second city I loved reading about was a city called Esmeralda. When I first started reading this it reminded me of Venice which Polo has visited. This city was known as the “City of Water.” As I kept reading, I thought it would not be that exciting until Polo said that the canals and walking places are zigzag formatted. He thought it would be boring having routes like this either by boat or feet. I disagree because I felt like Venice had that kind of connection with all the bridges, small allies, and steps. I thought it was very easy to get lost. This system of travel made it very easy for theft described by Polo. I liked this city because it was full of athletic thieves as weird as that sounds. I thought of movies where the good guy and bad guys are jumping off buildings and traveling though sewer systems.

My third favorite city was Laudomia because it’s dark and is the creepiest city I could ever imagine. It is the city of death because it is a cemetery, and a place for the unborn. This is a double city but has the same name with 2 parts.  I thought the description of the isles being only wide enough for the grave diggers was very creepy because it reminded me of the underground cemetery we visited a couple of weeks ago. This gothic dark city communicates through “history of toil, anger, illusions emotion” (pg 140). That sounds like one intense city for the dead.  I love this city because I never imagined Polo talking about a city like this. It is so creepy but yet so interesting to think about what an actual city of the dead would actually look like and the communication.

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When thinking about another big aspect in the Italian culture in the art aspect are the cars they drive. I had a idea that Italians love their cars because one of my friends is 100 percent Italian and always drives the nicest cars. I did not realize how small cars get in Italy. The smaller the easier it is to squeeze into a parking spot and make tight turns dodging motorcycles. The main focus in this journal is the kinds of cars they mainly drive and why they have them instead of simple affordable cars.

Everyone has their own opinion on what kind color and brand made to purchase but it seems like majority buy Mercedes, BMW’s, and Audis. They usually are a dark color such as gray and black. They stand out because the drivers of them are not afraid to show there horsepower on the road. Majority of cars here have manual transmission. It is a good thing because cars get much better gas mileage on small cars with a stick shift. It is much better to have also because the hills and constant gear changing with traffic. Italians like to be in control behind the wheel and manual transmissions give them that feeling.

When I think Italy I think Lamborghinis would be everywhere but in reality the roads here are not built for them to be driven in the city. The mountains are nice and paved surface is a key place for those kinds of cars. When I saw these cars in Florence I was shocked because I forgot I was looking to see one of these cars on my trip and I got to see five of these monsters. The designs of these half million dollar super cars describe how Italians are. The marketing concept they use is that each one of these cars are made one by one and not a conveyor belts. The smooth sleek curves, and the huge rims and wide thin tires stand out. The engine roars like no other engines made in the world.  From the carbon fiber bodies, to the monster engines, Lamborghini proves to lead all super cars, by the beauty and speed. That itself if art in my eyes.

I believe Italians don’t buy a Mercedes to say “Hi I’m rich,” like Americans do. I will be honest and say when I see nice cars like that I think dr.’s and successful people. Here it is just part of their daily life driving in luxury just like they pay top dollar for there. The only part of the car culture I don’t understand is the 14 year olds being allowed to drive small cars. Dinelo was telling me about how much of a headache it is. Also he talked about how the government here blows a lot of their money on new cars on high up officials and their personal drivers. They always look brand new and are bullet proof. In conclusion Italians love driving in luxury if they have the money.

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315 English Journal 5   4 comments

This journal question I must say is the hardest one yet. I have been brain storming on how to approach this question because reading that book was very challenging. I really had a hard time pointing out the communications between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. Referring to quotes from the book in this I feel is very challenging for me. Marco Polo does his best to be honest and open to what he sees in each of his invisible city trying to point out its features. I feel like there were a lot of awkward silence between the two in the beginning because there completely different personalities. At some point Khan falls asleep.  Marco is very outgoing and ready for adventures in Venice. He loves what he does, and is not afraid to say what he imagines. Khan really does not start to think deeply about Marcos thoughts to his imaginary cities until farther in the novel in my opinion.  Marco is helping Kublai realize what discovery actual can mean. It was interesting that they did not speak the same language. I feel like that was a barrier between the two.

I feel like the little connections start occurring when Kublai starts thinking that Polos discoveries and imaginations will help him create new cities. It sounds like Polo does not agree with him on this because he doesn’t have creativity and show his interest in these cities. If Khan tried to create a new city based on past places and not respecting the new ideas then I would agree with Polo and say it wouldn’t work too. The whole novel boils down to the misunderstanding emperor not listening to Marco Polo more and showing more interest. It sounds like Khan is not being a true explorer and having a crazy imagination of cities.  Polo makes it very hard for Khan to actually take what he learned and use it being a leader.  I do not see a clear cut connection. There might be small ones but they really bud heads constantly in this novel.  I really do not know how else to explain the core of this essay so the best example I can give of this would be as if I went to Paris to do research on the culture and coming up with imaginary cities and come back to report to Obama and explain the country to him and use that base concept to come up with new imaginary cities. Yes I can get my point across but you cannot actually completely respect and understand it without being there and having a mind set of imagination. That is how I understand there is not a clear connection between these great men with completely different thought processes.

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